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Fur Care Tips

Personal Fur Care in Cleveland

Besides having your fur stored, cleaned and glazed by us, there are several things you can do to keep it in tip top shape on your own.

  • Handle with Care: It is important to treat your fur with delicate care. When taking it off the hanger to put it on, don’t jerk or yank from the outside. Instead, reach into the coat’s lining and lift it off the hanger. This can help you avoid damaging the coat’s lining and seams. Also, before sitting down, make sure the coat is loosened so that it moves with you and does not tear.
  • Home Storage: During the fall and winter months, you may want to keep your coat with you so it’s available for you to wear when you desire. Your home most likely does not have a cold-storage area, but there are ways to store fur at home for maximum durability. For example, keep fur away from heat and out of light.
  • Weather Wear: Your fur protect you from rain and snow during the fall months so you should return the favor. After coming in from the elements, it is important to shake off your fur and let it hang to dry away from any type of heat source.
  • Traveling: The best way to pack fur for a trip is to turn it inside out so that the lining is exposed and roll the fur into itself. Vinyl and plastic bags should be used only for the shortest of trips. After long periods of storage or travel, shake the fur to fluff it up again.

For more fur care tips or to have your fur cared for professionally, call our Cleveland fur storage and repair center at (440) 249-5001.

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