Fur Re-Styling in Westlake

Change Your Style

As time passes, styles change. What was in style 10 years ago might not be (and probably isn’t) in style today. Does that mean you have to buy a new coat to stay fashion forward and leave your old one to gather dust in the back of the closet? Of course not! Sword Furs offers a re-styling service to transform your outdated coat into the most up-to-date piece of fashion in the fur industry.

How We Do It

The latest in fashionable fur coats are 3/4 coats or jackets. If you own a full-length fur coat and you want to update your style, you may want to consider shortening your coat to a desired length. We won’t let the separated fur go to waste, either. We’ll use it to make you one or more fur accessory to complement your newly styled coat.

The possibilities of fur restyling include the following:

  • Add a detachable hood
  • Add a handband or earmuff
  • Add a fur leg warmer
  • Make it into a throw blanket, pillow, or accessory for the home

Inherited A Fur?

Let us make a special keepsake for you or wonderful gift. We can create an array of fur gifts including bears, bunnies, puppies.

For more information, call our Cleveland fur storage and repair store at (440) 249-5001. We offer free verbal appraisals!

Why Choose Us?

  • Incredible Customer Service
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Owner Owned Cold Storage Vault
  • Pride in Our Detailed Workmanship
  • Offering Pick-Up and Delivery Services
  • 2-Day Notice to Retrieve Garments from Our Storage Vault