Fur Repairs and Alterations

Fur Repair Services in Cleveland and Westlake

If you take proper care of your fur coat, it can last a lifetime. If you’ve owned a fur coat for a long time, you may be looking to change your style. Maybe you recently purchased or inherited a fur coat that needs some adjustments. Whatever the case, we can help you. We have over 30 years of experience in fur coat repairs and alterations at your disposal.


  • Make Garments Smaller or Larger
  • Shorten or Lengthen Sleeves
  • Shorten a Coat
  • Change Collar Style

Since fur is a delicate material that is also meant to last a lifetime, it is susceptible to damage. We can restore your coat to its finest condition or alter it to fit you properly.


  • Rips in the Fur
  • Worn Areas
  • Replace Hooks & Rings or Buttons
  • General Wear and Tear

If you have a fur garment that doesn’t fit or is damaged, call us at (440) 249-5001!


Why Choose Us?

  • Incredible Customer Service
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Owner Owned Cold Storage Vault
  • Pride in Our Detailed Workmanship
  • Offering Pick-Up and Delivery Services
  • 2-Day Notice to Retrieve Garments from Our Storage Vault