Sword Furs Services

Cleveland Fur Storage, Repair & More

Sword Furs believes quality service is paramount. The manner in which we conduct our services is just as important as the products and treatments we provide. With friendly, knowledgeable sales representatives, we provide incredible customer support that is both helpful and inviting. Following the example of our founder, we make you feel comfortable. We never pressure you into buying a product or service you don’t want! We are simply there to make you feel welcome and answer all of your questions about the products and service we offer, which include:

In addition to selling, treating, and storing leather and fur, our Cleveland fur storage center also offers:

  • Consignment: We have more than 200 pre-owned garments.
  • Service to Faux Fur & Cloth: We offer quality treatment for faux fur and cloth.
  • One-Day Garment Retrieval Notice: We give you an exact notice for retrieval.
  • Pick Up & Delivery: Don’t leave your home, we have pick up and delivery!
  • Free Verbal Appraisal: We can estimate how much your fur might sell for.
  • Free Repair Estimate: We offer free repair estimates, so there’s no surprises!

If you live in the Cleveland or Westlake areas and have a fur, leather, faux fur, or cloth coat that needs any of the services we provide, visit us in the King James Plaza or call our office at (440) 249-5001.

Why Choose Us?

  • Incredible Customer Service
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Owner Owned Cold Storage Vault
  • Pride in Our Detailed Workmanship
  • Offering Pick-Up and Delivery Services
  • 2-Day Notice to Retrieve Garments from Our Storage Vault